Free Form Radio – Episode 069 Update on our week:  We bring up current events with Andy’s thoughts on finally finishing tv series Mad Men.  Does it go out on a high note?  Andy gets a taste of his health insurance and rakes up some medical bills.  Man the ER sure is expensive.  Andy and his fiance gets in fidget … More Free Form Radio – Episode 069

Free Form Radio – Episode 068 Update on our week:  We talk current events such as the Facebook live killer, hear our thoughts on this troubling subject. Andy talks about doing his first communion. Daniel talks about the lastest Star Wars trailer, DC’s Justice League trailer does not excite the FFR hosts. Daniel take on the Split movie and hear … More Free Form Radio – Episode 068

2 Daniel – Episode 008 Daniel Jr talks about his WWE trip.  We had a blast at the event with our posters that Daddy made and one that Junior made.  The Corral family bought some WWE swag and see a bunch of our favorite wrestlers.  Hotel fun while in Moline IL.  We head down to the pool and eat … More 2 Daniel – Episode 008

Free Form Radio – Episode 067 Update on our week: Daniel takes the family on trip to Moline IL for a WWE wrestling house show. The show was so good, he subscribed to the WWE Network. Talking about NXT and it younger wrestlers, Tyler Breeze. Daniel and his wife have been hooked on Total Bellas. The house show had some … More Free Form Radio – Episode 067

2 Daniel – Episode 007 Daniel Jr talks about playing Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sisters location.  Listen to how the character Baby is the scariest and how you can see the animatronics exoskeleton.  It’s not all scary, there is a part were you eat popcorn, Ha.  The Corral family gets Playstation VR.  Junior describes the head gear and one … More 2 Daniel – Episode 007

Free Form Radio – Episode 065 Update on our week: We take a quick look behind the curtain and close it again. Andy lets us know his displeasure with his new computer. Our discussion about Apple computers, Window PC and free software bugs. Do you put up with issues for a free version vs paying and getting a better product. … More Free Form Radio – Episode 065

Free Form Radio – Episode 064 Update on our week:      Daniel takes out his wife on a special date to a special restaurant. Hear his thoughts on this special place. Also, hear his review on the new Fifty Shades of grey sequel. Does it live up to the hype? Daniel is looking for a smart TV. WIth so little … More Free Form Radio – Episode 064