Free Form Radio – Episode 063

Update on our week: Daniel is tired, but still puts it down.  Hear what we are planning on eatting for superbowls big game.  Daniel finds a new wing joint, Shark Chicken.  Andy read that there is a new Hooters opening with male waiters.  Daniel dealing with Comcast and trying to get a good deal.  No luck in Daniels haggling.  Alana is trying to go vegetarian, so it means that Daniel is also a part time vegetarian.  The Corral family garden indoors and outdoors.  Andy has pass this entire week hearing about how Coke/pop is bad for you and he is tired of hearing it.  He is going to drink what he wants too.  Is Andy addicted?  Andy views 30 for 30 ESPN for the XFL.  Hear about the XFL was trying to be different.  Daniel and Andy visit to the Chicago Enforcers.   Article for the week: Comicbook conventions charge you to volunteer.  Hear our conversation about, is it worth it to pay.   Article Links:   Warning: May have Strong Language and Content.   ========== Thank you to everyone who enjoys what we do.  If you like what we do, please spread the word of our show. Email questions or suggestions to ========== See FACEBOOK page Follow us on TWITTER ========== Free Form Network and all our podcast are available on many platforms including STITCHER, ANDROID, IPHONE, IPAD, IPOD TOUCH and PODBEAN   FOR IPHONE, IPAD & IPOD TOUCH FOR SPREAKER FOR STITCHER FOR SOUNDCLOUD FOR OVERCAST FOR GOOGLE MUSIC FOR IHEART RADIO FOR TUNE IN RADIO FOR PLAYER FM FOR PODDIRECTORY FOR PODBEAN DESKTOP FOR PODBEAN MOBILE   ========== Free Form Radio – Episode 063 – 02/23/17 Hosted by Daniel, Andy and Noel ==========   FREE FORM NETWORK   ==========

Source: Free Form Radio – Episode 063


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